Your favorite animatronic entretainer, Chalk the cheetah!


About them

Chalk can do all noises cheetahs can, such as chirps, meows and thrills! but he cannot speak.


Chalk is the one and only mascot of an animatronic-pizzaria place, which is in direct competition with Fazbear's. They are such a small chain, however, that 'competition' might be a bit much. Theres only a single location, so its also not that well known.

There are two animatronics in the pizzaria, one is an anthro entretainer and the other is a quadruped waiter. They are NEVER seen togheter, as to not break the illusion that they are one in the same (and not 2 different animatronics of the same character)

The entretainer animatronic is always on the tiny main stage, and does a lot of physical comedy to entretain, since they cant talk. While the curtains are open and the show is on, the waiter cannot deliver the food (as to not break the illusion)

The waiter animatronic has a tray that is permanently attached to his mouth, and he uses it to bring whatever has been ordered to their table (kinda like this). He's also skinnier than the entretainer


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Them! :D Entretainer animatronic Waiter animatronic Them :)