Your local cryptid, Viko


About them

Viko is a cheeky were!wolpertinger that is very much blind. Because of that, he prefers being in his were form a lot more since it gives him much more control over his senses.

Likes 'hunting' people in the woods, literally just sprinting after them and tackling them to the ground. Since following a sound source makes it way easier to run through the woods, he uses that to feel more 'free'. After scaring them half to death by doing that, he just... walks away.

He is about 170cm tall while the were form is 210cm.


He transforms gradually, based on how close it is to the end of the month. For the first week, he's just a plain ol' human, but then he gets a bunny tail, followed by his ears, his horns and then the wings. They are all chibi-fied versions of the ones in the true form. By the last few days of the month, he's a full-on beast.

His wings are damaged, and do not allow him to fly.


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